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Calzone/Anvil and Ascot understand the needs of lighting professionals due to years of experience and thousands of hours listening and learning from them. We design our cases to withstand the rigors of the road, no matter where in the world you travel. As a proud supplier to many industry leaders we have the knowledge and experience to build the right case for your needs.

We have plans for all major automated and conventional fixtures, follow spots, control consoles and effects lighting on file. From 4X to 8X or even 16X combo cases for smaller lights, we know how to save you money and work with the truck pack requirements so important in keeping costs down. We offer cases with drop down ramps, multi-lid designs as well as all sizes and load capacity of casters for the larger lighting fixtures. You want your cases built how YOU need to use them, and that’s why we offer custom transport cases when a standard design will not work for you. Contact a salesperson to design the case you need today.

Motor Cases

We offer a universal solution in transporting your chain hoist motors. Our complete line of lighting and staging transport and storage solutions is the easiest way to safely transport, setup and store your chain hoist motors.


  • Universal design for 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton and 1 ton chain motors
  • 1/2″ plywood construction
  • Hinged lid style/latch stays
  • 4″ heavy duty casters
  • 3/4″ interchangeable birch cradles
  • Truck pack dimensions
  • Stacking caster cups

Moving Lights

Since the automated lighting industry came of age in the 1990’s, we have engineered cases for all the popular brands and flavors of moving lights.

The Dual Side Loaded (DSL Series) case design allows for ease of handling larger fixtures. 3/4″ Birch yolks support the electronics, while the lower head is supported by 2 lb. ester and etha foam blocking. This functional design splits in the center exposing two compartments, each with a hinged lid supported by heavy duty latch stays. The custom foamed lid supports allow the fixtures to travel with or without clamps. The DSL can be configured for most moving lights. Please consult your case design specialist for further details.


The Calzone/Anvil 4 & 5 drawer workboxes have become a standard. They are the safest and most convenient way to transport your valuable tools, test equipment, connectors and parts while off site. OR choose the popular Ascot Workbox, a stalwart of pro touring for decades.


  • Tool boxes
  • Heavy duty cable trunk
  • 4 & 5-drawer workboxes
  • Calzone, Anvil or Ascot construction

LED Displays

Our range of case styles and materials address all levels of protection required for your specific display application. Protection for any size and configuration of displays can be manufactured specifically for truck pack as well as lighter weight versions for local transport. Included on all cases are recessed handles and latches, a foam lined interior specific to the make and model of your display, and on many of the designs locking casters can be used.

Accessory compartments for stands and expendables ensure your protection solution is complete and ready to be deployed upon arrival at the job site. Multi-compartment display cases are often a popular choice for professionals moving more than one monitor to any site.

Rackmount Cases

Calzone/Anvil and Ascot offer a wide selection of cases for rackmounted equipment with a variety of special features.

Visit our Rackmount Case page for more information.


  • Standard Rackmount Case
  • Shock Mounted Rack Case
  • Airflow Shockmount Rack System
  • Mixer Mount Rack Case
  • Double-Wide
  • Case-in-Case Shockmounted Rack Case
  • Shock IT Rack


Our Strongbox cases are constructed with 3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood that is joined with deep rabbets then glued, nailed and screwed together. The inside construction consists of a series of reinforcing braces that are glued, screwed and nailed into position. A Strongbox lid has a special hinge that enables it to be thrown back 270 degrees and lay flat against the back of the case. Coated with black texturlac finish makes for a great appearance.

Follow Spots

Our Follow Spot cases are custom designed to hold your short, medium and long throw followspot fixtures safely and securely. Our cases are constructed with all the strength and care you expect from the Calzone/Anvil and Ascot case family, using our steel split riveted or patented double angle construction, and all steel hardware. We have plans for most follow spots, and for those that we don’t, we’ll create one for you. Contact Us today to design the case you need.

Fixture Cases

Calzone/Anvil and Ascot’s Conventional Lighting Fixture Cases are custom designed to hold your PARs, ellipoidals, etc. safely and securely, in almost any configuration. Our cases are constructed using our patented double angle or riveted construction, all steel hardware, and split steel rivets.


We are the leading manufacturers of protection for theatrical and live entertainment lighting consoles. Whether it’s a simple protective case or a comprehensive workstation with monitor, drawers, Dog House or other options, our case engineers can build your ultimate solution.


Conventional lighting requires dimmers to operate, thus ‘Dimmer World’ was born backstage. Calzone/Anvil and Ascot’s dimmer racks are unrivaled in design, construction, and ease of use. With many options available, you can create the protection you need. Give us a call to start designing yours today!

Born in the USA

All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America.


Each piece can be specifically manufactured for your unique needs.

1000+ Reviews

We have proudly served the packaging industry since 1952.


“Just what I was looking for. The rails and the addition of the panel mount strips will keep everything in place. Case is constructed very well ”
- James G.
“Great long-lasting quality! I've had this case for over 3 years and its still in great shape. Money well spent for protecting such an expensive keyboard."
- Mary K.
“The case fits all the equipment making it easy to travel with. Also the addition of the built in table is perfect for when we are setting up our booth."
- David R.



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